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You know you need to move towards ITSM for faster ROI, ITIL-compliance, or a sustained competitive advantage. But you may be confused about the next step to take. For some, it may be the first step.

Let LANDesk solutions equip you with a comprehensive IT service management foundation.

LANDesk IT Service Management

Today’s business environments change at a rapid pace.
Modern organizations are being hit from all sides:

  • Globalization and shortened cycles changing the nature of business
  • Skill shortages and outsourcing changing the workforce
  • Internet opportunities and services changing the impact of technology
  • And geopolitical and economic issues changing global conditions

But the goals for IT executives have remained largely unchanged:

  • Providing quality and reliable services to customers
  • Aligning IT services with business goals
  • Reducing downtime and complexity
  • Promoting business agility and flexibility
  • The security, integrity, and privacy of moving data in compliance with regulatory, audit, or governance requirements

These goals have led to organizational requirements to integrate systems and streamline operations.

LANDesk gives you the opportunity to implement ITSM capabilities one step at a time – without making radical changes to your environment and with fewer infrastructure requirements than any other solution. With LANDesk, you can access a true ITSM platform with proven solutions for change, configuration, and release management.

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The LANDesk Path to ITSM
The ease-of-use and scalable technology of LANDesk solutions empower your organization to improve IT and business processes while aligning IT and business services.

Five Steps to ITSM
IT Service Management is the core of IT business agility. It's the structure of services, business processes, reporting, and systems into one cohesive integrated system.

Why You Need ITSM
IT Service Management starts with automating IT and business processes to allow companies to improve service levels, ensure compliance, and reduce costs while achieving greater cross-organizational efficiency.

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