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Create Surveys

Capisce Survey Builder screenshot

Capisce Survey HTML WYSIWYG email invitation

Build Surveys

  • Automatically send surveys triggered by events in other applications such as a closed incident, claim or raised invice.
  • Build advanced surveys easy within minutes
  • Write mail merge type Email Invitations with WYSIWYG html editor and spell checker.
  • Choose from many  different question types, mark questions as mandatory
  • Create your own style and logo
  • Create Web Surveys with email invitations
  • Create Email Surveys with the questions within the email body
  • Specify Graphs and Chart for the out-of-the box Web Reports
  • Use Page Skip Logic to bypass pages based on answers provided
  • Preview Surveys, invitation and reports
  • Configure Web Report access limitations and the Dashboard Report
Launch Surveys

capisce survey screenshot in process customer satisfaction survey

capisce survey template orange blue customer satisfaction survey

Launch Surveys

  • Email Launch: Send your survey via email & track responses
  • Web Launch: Post your survey on the internet and send email invitation.
  • External Trigger: Trigger your survey from other applications such as Customer Relationship Management sytems, Helpdesk Applications, ERP
  • The response data can be viewed in real time in the out-of-the-box web reports
  • Survey invitations stay valid until the survey is completed or the cut off date has been reached. Responses are saved while survey is conducted.
  • Different Styles are available which can be used or create your own using your organisation's colors and logo.
Analyse Responses

Customer satisfaction survey dashboard report showing kpi capisce survey

capisce survey web report trending charts gauges

Advanced Web reports come ready out of the box for any survey created.
  • Web Reports with trending and drilldown enable access to the individual survey response.
  • View respondent data supported by Gauges, Bar, Pie, and Line Charts
  • Copy data, graphs and charts to PowerPoint, Email & Word
  • Publish your survey results to the internet, for public or the Intranet for controlled access viewing
  • Display Dashboard Reports showing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on flatscreens in your call center

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