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Why Capisce Survey?

Why you should choose Capisce Survey

Enterprise Survey Software:
Capisce Survey is ideal for organisations looking for a single flexible solution to conduct online surveys. Capisce Survey is easy to use with an intuitive and simple survey designer interface. No web programming knowledge is required to build web based or email based surveys within minutes.

Survey Integration and Automation:
Capisce Survey has been designed for integration and automation from the beginning which means that integrating Capisce Survey with other applications is very easy.

Integration means that Capisce Survey will send out surveys based on events from other applications - for example an invoice has been created with a specific product or a Helpdesk request that has been closed.

Powerful controls for Survey frequency:
You're in total control of how often a specific customer is invited to answer surveys and you can even choose to only survey a percentage of your customer base. This is to prevent survey overload of customers with survey invitations.

Web Surveys or Email Surveys - your choice:
Email surveys are surveys that contain the questions and answer options in the body of the actual email that is sent to the customer. This effectively removes the need to open a web browser for completion of the survey.

Web surveys have some advantages over email surveys. For example advanced rules like mandatory questions, input validation, branching and enhanced presentation are only possible with web surveys. Also not all email clients are capable of proper presentation of email surveys

Our customers have access to an expert team of developers who are responsible for ensuring 100% client success. We offer Service level agreements to suit your requirments.

Survey data is stored within your organisation:
With Capisce Surveys you are in control of your data. You'll find that a selection of Survey Services is available on the internet but most of them have one downside in common: they store your survey results in their database. You have no direct control over who is able to access your potentially sensitive data.


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