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Capisce Survey Features

Powerful, easy to use Survey Designer:

  • Easy to use - The Capisce Survey builder is intuitive to use and allows surveys to be created in a matter of minutes, ready for deployment.
  • Add your own design - Change logo, colors, style, and size of elements in your survey. Save your theme and use it on all your surveys so your surveys will always have a consistent clean and professional appearance.
  • Create Web Surveys - Advanced rules such as mandatory questions, input validation, branching and enhanced presentation are only possible with web surveys. Also not all email clients are capable of proper presentation of email surveys.
  • Create Email Surveys - Email surveys are surveys that contain the questions and answer options in the body of the actual email that is sent to the customer. This effectively removes the need to open a web browser for completion of the survey which is the case for web surveys.
  • Questions Types - Multiple choice single answer, multiple options, rating scales, open ended text, single tick box, comment essay box, Yes/No.  Options allow you to make answering any question mandatory, control the flow with skip logic.
  • Automate and Integrate -  Easily connect your other applications such as Helpdesk software, customer relationship management (CRM) or Invoicing/Billing Systems and send surveys out completely automated. Powerful settings control the maximum frequency of how often a customer will be asked to complete a survey, you can even set the percentage of your customers to be surveyed.
  • Analyse Results- Watch the results as they come in in real time using the built in web reports with drilldown and trending functionality. Integrate these reports into the extranet or other web based applications.
    Use any other standard reporting tool that is able to report from MS SQL databases.
  • Manage your Surveys- Use Survey Manager for an overview of all your Surveys and their status including surveys that have not been completed or that are queued. 

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